Yiming Liu has developed an advanced tool based on AMPS for modeling of solar cells

January 2011 - A new solar cell simulation program, wxAMPS, has been developed by group member Yiming Liu. The interface of wxAMPS was developed by a cross-platform library wxWidgets, and the kernel was based on an updating of the AMPS (Analysis of Microelectronic and Photonic Structures) code. wxAMPS incorporates two different tunneling models for better simulation of specific types of solar cells. Compared to the drift-diffusion model, the intra-band tunneling model provides more realistic characteristics for heterojunction solar cells. The other tunneling component is trap-assisted tunneling current, which plays an important role in tunneling recombination at junctions. To increase the convergence property of this model, a new algorithm that combines the Newton method and the Gummel method has been developed. A preliminary WIKI has also been set up which provides a database of materials parameters for various kinds of solar cells to help the PV community share materials data and more easily implement simulations.

Wiki: https://wiki.engr.illinois.edu/display/solarcellsim/Home


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