Pam Martin participates in Nanomaterials School

August 03, 2007 - Second year graduate student Pamela Martin was selected to participate in a Nanomaterials School this summer. The school organized by the International Center for Young Scientists (NIMS, Japan) and the ICMR (UCSB), was held at the NIMS Sengen Site in Tsukuba, Japan.  The emphasis of the school was to provide a broad overview of the field of nanomaterials, including important concepts and frontier research areas.  The one-week summer school took place from July 23 - July 28. Topics covered in the school included: nanoelectronics, carbon nanotubes, nano-assembly, oxide semiconductors, computational materials, nano-porous materials, synthesis, etc. For more information on the nanomaterials school and future schools please visit the ICMR website.


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