Thin-Film Photovoltaics

Marie Mayer

Marie has been with the Rockett group since January 2005, first looking at CGS samples with photoluminescence techniques.  However, an interest in the relationship between physical defects and electrical properties of the CIGS systerm has redirected her toward scanning tunneling microscopy--with the guidance of Laura Ruppalt in the Lyding group (Beckman, ECE).

Marie is also serves as the Chair of the UIUC student AVS chapter and former President of her engineering sorority (Alpha Omega Epsilon), and remains involved with the materials science department, engineering council and other miscellaneous causes.  Over the past three summers, she has interned at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Bechtel Bettis, Inc. Laboratory and General Motors.  On a lighter note, she enjoys swing dancing, ultimate frisbee, laughing and traveling.


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